St George's Church Of England Primary School

Our love of Learning Leads us to Excellence

Beaufort Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B16 8HY


Our Ethos and Values

Mission Statement:

At St George’s Church of England Primary School we offer an exceptional educational experience founded on Christian values. We welcome children from all faiths and no faith and seek to inspire in them a love of learning, a passion to fulfil their potential and a commitment to serve the community.’


 Vision Statement of St George’s CE Primary School is our Mission Statement

Beliefs and Values

At St George’s we believe that children are a gift from God and that everyone who belongs to St George’s school is important and valued. This includes all children, parents and carers, staff, Governors and Trustees.  Our school motto: Our Love of Learning Leads us to Excellence, describes our belief that every child is unique and can foster their passion for learning and achieve beyond expectation, enjoying the challenges that learning holds.  All stakeholders at St. George’s have decided upon our ‘High Five’ values that underpin our school ethos and distinctiveness as a Church of England School servicing a multi-faith and diverse community. Jesus’ teaching of respect for God, each other and ourselves, is such a core value at St George’s that it has a place on the palm of the High Five hand and the other ‘High Five’ values contribute towards demonstrating respect, a love of god, each other and ourselves. They are placed on each finger.