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Year 2 - Geography

Our Geography topic has been 'My World and Me'. We have focussed on: locating the UK, the equator and the poles on a world map and globe; the temperature of different places in the world; learning about animals in different parts of the world and the climate they live in.

Whilst studying this topic we made links with our writing in English and explored the settings of the book Meerkat Mail. The children located the Kalahari Desert, looking at which continent and countries it is located in and which oceans surround it. We also explored the climate of the Kalahari Desert and learned the difference between human and physical features. 

Following Sunny's travels in the story Meerkat Mail we created postcards of places Sunny visited and wrote about his journeys!

Lets go to the Jungle

This summer term children will be researching and investigating what Rainforests are. They will use world maps to plot where rainforests are found, they will describe the features of the forests, look at the different climates compared to the UK and begin to have an understanding of deforestation and how we can save the forests.