World War 1 Topic

This first half term, Year 1 are learning about the First World War, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of when it ended.

We visited the Hall of Memory in Birmingham to help us to understand the massive sacrifices by men and women during the Great War.

The children in Year 1 have been finding out about World War 1.  Some of the things we have done include: exploring facts on animal heroes of WW1; choosing adjectives to describe an animal hero of war; reciting and retelling a story (Flo of the Somme); ordering timelines of an animal hero; writing newspaper articles; designing medals and asking questions about the past.


Years 1 -4 were fortunate enough to have a WW1 'soldier' visit to discuss a range of topics with the children, starting with how he was recruited and joined up and his training for the Great War.

Year 1 children observed and handled WW1 artifacts and got involved in various drills giving them an insight into life as a soldier. They also looked at a soldier's daily routine and trench life. Each class session was age appropriate.

This workshop was an engaging way to cover the WW1 topic for children.