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Year 2 - Science

Following out trip, last half-term, to the Botanical Gardens children have been really enthused to learn about plants and growth.

This term our topic is 'Plants' and we will be learning new skills, as well as consolidating previously learnt skills. Our topic has a strong focus on practical activities, and these will play a key role in our learning. We will be exploring our surrounding environment and looking at different types of plant-life. Gardening will be a regular activity in this topic and we have already been busy designing and planning Year 2's Garden with Mrs 'Art' Brown.

In the classroom, we have planted our own seeds and have looked at different parts of a plant and different types of flowers and trees. We carried out an investigation about how to care for plants and are enjoying this science topic! 

Our investigation led us to experiment with sunlight to test how important it is for a plant. 

We discovered that the best conditions for a plant included just enough air, sunlight, water and minerals. We understand that plants are crucial to our world for feeding us and for helping to provide oxygen for us to breath. 

We have therefore been growing our own beetroot plants to help 'do our part' to save the world and to understand what plants need and how to care for them.

Our Year 2 budding scientists discovered that over watering is one of the more common causes of plant problem! However this tragic turn of events aided our teaching and learning of germination.  Seeds can be extremely fun and identifying parts can be very easy. We saw how the small white part grew and noticed that it was the root because when seeds germinate the root comes first to find water for the growing plant. As the plant grows, the shoot emerges!