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Class Activities

Year 2's visit to St. George's Church

Year 2 celebrated Harvest by putting on a spectacular performance at St George's Church.  All of the children worked together to rehearse and perform their lines,  songs and dance moves!

Thank you for the generosity of our children and their families for the number of food donations made.


'The Great Fire of London' Parent Drop In

To mark the end of our Topic ‘The Great Fire of London’, parents were invited to a drop in session. The children shared what they had learnt and parents were able to work with their child to explore different sources of information that tell us about the fires, 351 years ago.

Remembrance Day Poetry

Although Remembrance Day has passed, for the whole of this half term Year 2 have been learning about this important and significant day.

In Year 2 this term we have begun to read, learn and recite poetry. To link with our Remembrance Day Topic we enjoyed learning and reciting poetry about this important period of time.

In Flander's Fields

Are You Sleeping?

Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer

Are You Sleeping?

Remembrance Day

Little Poppy

Remembrance Day

Traction Man is Here!

With an action outfit for almost every occasion, Traction Man patrols the house saving toys, guarding toast, searching for lost wrecks and rescuing damsels in distress. Traction Man is Here by Mini Grey is a wonderful book we have enjoyed working on in Year 2.

We touched upon many areas of curriculum including English, Art and DT, Year 2 even filmed their own versions of Traction Man!


Sunny's visit to St George's!

During English this term we have been developing our letter writing skills. We have been reading the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. The story is full of postcards from Sunny the meerkat telling his family all about his travels to find a new home. We have been looking at the features of a good letter and have been writing our own. 

After a surprise visit from Sunny the meerkat, the children read the text Meerkat Mail and created some wonderful character and setting descriptions. They also wrote their own story about their adventures with Sunny, exploring new habitats and using postcards to reveal a character's feelings and thoughts.

Trip to Botanical Gardens

On the 16th February Year 2 and Year 3 visited the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham to learn about plants and growth. 

The children had a fantastic time looking at parts of plants, flowers and learning about pollination in an interactive teaching  session.

The children enjoyed walking through the green houses discovering the different types of plant life. We learnt that we can eat some roots, some stems, some flowers, some leaves and most fruits that grow.