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Key Stage 1 SATs


The children will shortly be taking their SATs. We are really proud of how hard they have worked over the year across the curriculum and are sure they will do well. 

We have worked with your child to familiarise them with the style of questions they will face. We will be running SATs in a manner intended to cause as little stress and disruption to your child as possible and would appreciate parents' support in this as it will enable all children to perform at their best.

It would help us if you could make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats breakfast before coming to school.

There are two websites we can recommend for revision and parent information, these are: ‘The School Run’ and BBC Bitesize.

In the week beginning 14th May and 21st May children will sit tests in:

  • Reading
  • Maths


As none of the Year 2 tests are strictly timed this removes an element of pressure from the children. We will be working on a flexible timetable in small groups in order to allow every child the best opportunity for success.

SATs will be spread over the mornings of the week beginning 7th May and week beginning 21st May so children have plenty of time for brain breaks and rest between each.

We want all the children to feel that they can do their best. Many thanks for your continued support, please do come and see me if you need any further clarification.

Resources for parents

The Standards and Testing Agency have published an information leaflet and 2 videos for parents of children in years 2 and 6 about national curriculum assessments. The purpose of these materials is to help parents understand more about the end of key stage assessments that will be administered in May.

Teacher Assessment

It is important to note that SATs are only a part of how we assess children in Year 2.

Teacher assessment draws together everything the teacher knows about a child, including normal class lessons, observations, marked work and school assessments.

Teacher assessment is not a ‘snapshot’, like tests, and is therefore more reliable. Due to this there can be a difference between teacher assessment results and test levels.

We will assess their writing composition, so your child’s result for English writing will be a judgement of their work across all of Year 2 against national standard targets. Your child's grammar, punctuation and spelling skills will be assessed as part of their writing. Creativity and writing style will also be evaluated.  

Mr Bhatti

Presentation for Parents 13th March 2018