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Black History Month - BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH


For Black History Month Year 5 researched and looked at the work of Benjamin Zephaniah. He was born in 1958 in Handsworth, which he called the Jamaican capital of Europe.

Benjamin Zephaniah is most famous for his poems, books and more recently his music. We enjoyed reading and listening to some of his poems and our favourite was "Talking Turkeys".

Year 5 also listened to his music and his recent song "You dream". The words "nothing to stop your dreams, light your mind and dream of something better" made us think.

We reflected on the words of the song and have written about our hopes and dreams for the future and how they link to our whole school theme of peace.

Here are some of our messages:


"My dream world is a place where peace and love take over. New types of medicines would be used to help others in need and ensure many peoples lives could be saved. The world of my dreams would be creative and inspiring to others aswell as brining a smile to the faces of those around me. Everyone would be peaceful and kind and have positive attitude towards others"  HAVYA


"My dreams and hopes for the future are for everybody to have love in their hearts and to spread peace. No war just peace, love, justice and respect. I would like everybody to be friends in the future and to have a nice world, a world that is loved, a world where there is peace, no war and no hate. We can do that if people except you for what you are and who you are" OMRAN


"My dreams and hopes for the future are for everyone to have a great education for life. No-one is perfect but we need to work together to stop violence, fighting and hatred. We must all stand together as one" NIAMAYA