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Crime and Punishment Topic

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Jaffa Cake Mystery

On Tuesday 19th September we had a Jaffa Cake Mystery.  Someone had stole Miss Deakin’s Jaffa Cakes.  So, year 6 decided to investigate the crime scene.  The crime took place in the staffroom, the investigatation took place in our classroom.  We wore hats, aprons, masks and shoe protectors for our safety and so that we did not contaminate the evidence.

We had 5 suspects – Di, Jodie, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Art-Brown and Mr Eaton.  It all started on Monday 4th September when all the teachers went into the reception classroom to see the building work.  When they came back into the staffroom all the Jaffa Cakes were gone, apart from one that had a bite taken out of it.

Year 6 had some shoe scrapings to investigate from all the suspects (their shoes were quite dirty because of the building work.  Mr Yeobah was trying to clean the staffroom carpet and had put carpet cleaner down the night before)  We tested the  samples by adding vinegar to see, if they had been in the staffroom then the vinegar reacted with the carpet cleaner and bubbled.  We found out that Di, Mrs Art-Brown and Mr Eaton had been in the staffroom (their sample bubbled).


The next step was to investigate bite marks.  We needed to see who had bitten half a Jaffa Cake and put it back.  The suspects provided sample of their bite marks (using polystyrene plates).  We found out that Di and Mrs Art-Brown had the closet bite mark.  It was very hard comparing the bite marks with the Jaffa Cake.

The final investigation was fingerprints.  We looked very closely at the fingerprint found and compared it to everyone else's, some were too big and some were too small.  It was very stressful and confusing trying to work out who it was.  But eventually we all agreed that it was…MRS ART-BROWN.

We were all quite mad when we found out it was her, we were shocked, we thought it would have been Di or Mr Eaton.  Mrs Art-Brown said if she could, she would do it again!

Written by Aimee -Y6