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Drayton Manor

On the 13th June 2018 Y6 went to Drayton Manor as part of the Rotary Club's Kid's Day out.  We had a fantastic day, the weather was good, the children's behaviour was perfect and there were smiles on everyones faces.  A massive thank you to the Rotary Club for giving us this opportunity.

I thought I was going to die on the Apocalypse – luckily I didn’t! Teodora

The Accelerator was so fast it made me cry! – Omer

It made me laugh watching Miss Ellis looking for the chip shop – she walked around the whole park and it was right next to her – Omer

We were all screaming for our lives on the Pandemomium – Sam


Noon thought the dinosaurs were real in the zoo?! 


I went on my first rollercoaster and it made me feel sick! – Callum

I went on the Pirate Ship, I hid behind Miss Deakin the whole time but I still loved it. –Kawsar

It was Miss Deakin’s brilliant idea to go on Stormforce 10 – Talesia, Jadea, Ikema and Kawsar got extremely wet!  Jadea’s thought she’d dislocated her fingers because she was holding on so tight!!


When I finished the water ride, I was soaked ,I wanted to use the dryer until I found out you had to pay – Rene