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Mosque Visit

On Wednesday 6th June, year six went to visit the Birmingham Central Mosque to understand and learn about other faiths and see how they worship their God.

On the way to the Mosque most of us in the minibus spotted the main features of the Mosque – the minarets (where the Imam calls people to prayer) and the done and the interesting shapes in the windows. When we first walked in the atmosphere was very comforting and peaceful. As a sign of respect we also had to take our shoes off. When I first stepped on the carpet it made me feel at home. Upstairs, there was a vast prayer room (to fit 1600 people) with an amazing chandelier.

Mr T, who was very knowledgeable guide, taught us about the five pillars of Islam. Fasting is one of the five pillars, fasting is giving up food at a time called Ramadan. Mr T told us about fasting with other parts of our body, for example: we can fast with our ears which means you would try to avoid listening to bad words or conversation. Another one of the five pillars is charity, they give 2.5% of the money they earn to charity of their choice.

Altogether, this trip made me want to learn more about Muslims and how they respect their God and how they pray. I would also like to know how it feels to fast because Christians give up something for lent but not fast for whole days. I really enjoyed going to the Mosque and I hope to visit another one soon.

By Omar

Tyrese - it was very educational because we learnt so much about other people's religions and how they worship - I really enjoyed the visit.

Ebony - I really enjoyed learning about the features of the Mosque and how they pray. Did you know that the minarets are used to call people to prayer.

Zara - I felt really positive after my visit to the Mosque because I learnt so much and enjoyed feeling peaceful in the prayer hall.

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