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National Justice Museum Visit


National Justice Museum – By Talesia


On Monday 4th December 2017, year 6 went on a trip to The National Justice Museum in Nottingham.  This was a court from the past where lethal crimes were committed and devoured by law.  We had been learning about crime and punishment throughout the years, about how innocent people would have gone through torture (especially poor people accused of crime) and death.

When we arrived at Nottingham, I had butterflies in my stomach, my heart was pounding wildly and my legs were shaking with excitement. Were we really going to see years worth of crime and punishment?  After I had walked up the first step I suddenly felt a spine-chilling sensation ran down my back…little did I know someone’s helpless bones lay beneath me.  The Victorian court was silent when we walked in but became louder later, I had played the part of Mary Rowden – an eye witness.

Around the end of the day we had to solve a Victorian C.S.I (crime scene investigation) which was based on a true story, but had never been solved.  This cunning crime was committed by a cowardly crook, who had never owned up.  A murder mystery! The victim was unknown.  We had to find clues around the town of Narrow Marsh to find a theory that would fit the crime.  Although we had found plenty of evidence, we could not be certain of the decomposing body’s identity.

Overall the trip was an exciting experience and I would love to do it again.  My favourite part was when the jailer locked us in the pitch-black, sinister night cell.  Screaming in fear, the class flailed their arms around, they were all petrified.  I didn’t scream though – what a bunch of wimps!!