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St George's Church Of England Primary School

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Welcome to Reception

Mr Bhatti and Miss Yates would like to welcome you to Reception.

Meet the Teacher...

Learning Through Play

We Are Artists

Children have been developing their skills across areas of the curriculum through art! 

Remembrance Day

We made poppies to remember all the soldiers who lost their lives during the wars.  We painted cup cake cases and lollipop sticks.  It was very messy but lots of fun!

Christmas Nativity

Reception have been in full creative Christmas mode this last couple of weeks! As well as getting artistic in crafts they have been busy filming the story of the nativity using green screen. They were true professionals! The children shone under the spotlights and cameras. Their acting skills were truly amazing. As you can imagine we have had lots of fun and laughter! They all had such a good time and quite a unique experience for their first nativity at St George’s. We hope you enjoy the finished video and we hope it helps you to remember why we celebrate Christmas. It certainly has made us smile. Best Wishes and Merry Christmas from Reception Class. The Nativity Video can be viewed on the school's YouTube channel (click here).

We have loved making rocking Santas, Christmas cards and Christmas trees. There was a lot of glitter and glue involved but we enjoyed getting creative!

Easter Bonnet Competition

To celebrate Easter at St George's children created their very own Easter Bonnets. Reception class loved having their Easter Bonnet Parade! The children (with a little parental help!) produced some amazing bonnets this year...It was a difficult job for the Reception team to choose a winner but thankfully Mrs Atkar kindly accepted our invitation to judge. It was so hard to choose between them all so in the end we had three winners. Thank you to all the parents for their support with the wonderful hat creations.

We Love Reading!

A huge congratulations to children in Reception who received Reading Record certificates for all the amazing reading they have been doing both at home, and at school.

Our First School Trip!

We loved our trip to Bodenham Arboretum - playing, exploring and getting close to nature in a fun and interactive way!






We Love Writing 

Children have really enjoyed reading Handa's Suprise and writing stories about the book. They had fun changing the characters in the story and loved retelling their own version of the familiar story.


Reception will do PE lessons on Tuesdays. 

Due to the government guidelines around opening school safely, we have made the decision at St. George’s that PE lessons are to be taught outside only and your child should attend school on Tuesday wearing their PE kit all day.  This is to ensure the PE clothes can be washed on a regular basis at home and to avoid any accidental swapping of clothes between children.


Home Readers

Children will be given a 'home reader'. This is a book that matches their developing phonics knowledge.  Your child should be able to use their decoding strategies e.g. sounding out and blending to read this book to an adult. Please make sure their book bag is brought to school and they bring their home reader in on a Thursday so it can be changed.


Homework is set on the online platform Education City every Friday. Activities are monitored by Mr Bhatti and children are rewarded in class for their efforts.

Alongside Home Readers, children are assigned reading books online via Bug Club. If you have any queries about either of these resources please see the Reception team.



In Reception, children start to be taught using the 'Letters and Sounds' programme which takes place daily. The lessons follow a clear structure of Review, Teach, Practise and Apply. Listed below are some useful resources.

Letters and Sounds for Home and School

Useful Phonics Websites

Letters and Sounds words and sentences for Phase 2 and 3

Autumn Learning

Children have been understanding the world around them by looking at seasonal changes and their impact, thinking about the change in weather and the clothes we wear. We loved going on a leaf hunt and explored mathematic concepts using the collected leaves: sorting by size; sorting by number of lobes; matching shape, size and colour.

Growing Cress

As part of developing an understanding of growth and changes over time, children have been planting cress seeds.  Throughout the next few weeks, we shall be observing and talking about how the cress changes and grows over time. 

Big Question

We have so many exciting themes and topics throughout the year to learn about.

Our big question in Autumn term was 'What makes me incredible?' Children have made fantastic paper plate self-portraits to celebrate their uniqueness!

In Spring Term our big question was 'Where Shall we Go?' Children loved exploring our space control centre, playing in our rocket and role-playing.

Our big question this Summer term is 'What Changes Can Happen?' We will be looking at Growth and Change with many aspects introduced through a range of books and animated tales in Communication, Language and Literacy. We we will be talking about how we look after plants and animals. We look forward to creating growth charts comparing height, weight, hand and foot size! We are also looking forward to our delivery of caterpillars so we can observe the life cycle of a butterfly! 

As part of our ‘What Changes Can Happen?’ topic, we have been studying the life cycle of a butterfly, seeing first-hand how a caterpillar grows. For days the children loved watching the caterpillars grow at an alarming rate and then turning into a chrysalis before changing into a butterfly.

After all the butterflies had emerged from their chrysalis, children set them free in the Peace Garden so that they could learn more about how they would survive in the natural environment. The insects did take some convincing though as some kept flying back to the children! We are also reading and doing lots of fun work around The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Eric Carle’s delightful story sends an inspiring message to its readers about growing up and entering the big, wide world. “This book is about HOPE. It says: you too can grow up and unfold your wings and fly away” Eric Carle

We Love Writing 

Children have loved using Talk for Writing this summer term. We have already looked at a number of texts linked to our topic 'What Changes Can Happen?' and children have loved writing retells about Jack and the Beanstalk and The Hungry Caterpillar by ‘talking the text’.