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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Mr Bhatti and Miss Fenton are the Year 1 team. 

We are looking forward to a very exciting year. 


Children will need their P.E. kit for extra-curricular Wednesdays and for P.E. lessons which will be on Thursday. Please make sure your child has a P.E. kit in school that includes a house colour t-shirt, black or navy leggings/shorts, or tracksuit bottoms for the winter, and pumps/trainers (trainers are preferred).     


Spellings will be given out on Friday and will need to be learned for a test the following Friday.  


Homework will be given out in children's Learning Logs on a Friday and should be handed in by the following Wednesday, so that it can be marked.       

Children will be given a 'home reader'. This is a book that matches their developing phonic knowledge.  Your child should be able to use their decoding strategies e.g. sounding out and blending to read this book to an adult.  This book can be changed every few days in the classroom.  


As part of our wider topic ‘What is a Hero?’, we will explore the history of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, leading to celebrations around Bonfire Night, as we know it today. We will link to the themes of Equality, Power, Belief, Rights.

What is a Hero?

We started our exciting 'Discover' topic all about the Gunpowder plot. We learned the story behind this famous event, who the main characters were and about how we remember this famous event. We then went on to learn about a local hero, Rev Thomas Swan, who led a movement to abolish the slave trade. Finally we discovered that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and relished learning about a World War 1 animal hero, Flo of the Somme.  

Ethan said, 'King James I was a Protestant.' Ibrahim said, 'Catholics were upset because they didn't have power.'

Adam said, 'Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.'

Tiara-Lily and Kaysaan said, 'Guy Fawkes didn't have equality because King James I didn't want Catholics to sing and dance in church.'

Adam and Kaysaan remembered that Guy Fawkes was arrested because Thomas Winter wrote a letter to warn the King.

Filip said that 'Guy Fawkes was a villain!'

We also explored our local history and learned about a local hero called Rev Thomas Swan, a member of the Birmingham Antislavery society. We compared Rev Thomas Swan and Guy Fawkes and discussed if they were heroes.

Emmanuel said, 'Rev Thomas Swan was a hero because he helped to save people's lives with belief, not guns or darts.' 

Laura said, 'Rev Thomas Swan wanted equality and to be free.'

Wendy said, 'Thomas wanted unity for you and me.' Amari loved reciting the poem 'Remember, Remember' and a poem we wrote about Rev Thomas Swan.

Year 1 enjoyed a 'Bonfire Night' party to celebrate Guy Fawkes day. Kyan said, 'We celebrate because Guy Fawkes was bad and he was arrested.' Filip said, 'We celebrate to remember that we had justice.'

Jason said, 'I liked decorating cakes and eating them!' Nathaniel and Amari remembered the safety tips on being around fireworks.

Heroes R Us Workshop

Towards the end of their 'Discover' term, Year 1 showcased a workshop where they shared what they had learnt about their 'What is a Hero?' topic. Children loved sharing their knowledge about the three historical characters they learned about: Guy Fawkes, Rev Thomas Swan and Flo of the Somme. Year 1 then went on to convey their learning by reciting poems for parents, before sharing what they had learnt through topic books. 


In Key Stage 1 children continue to be taught using the 'Letters and Sounds' programme which they begin during Foundation. There is detailed transition work between Foundation and Year 1 which ensures carefully targeted teaching of phonics at the correct level for each child.  Phonics takes place daily from 9.30am-10.00am in Year 1. The lessons follow a clear structure of Review, Teach, Practise and Apply. Listed below are some useful resources.

Useful Phonics Websites 

Letters and Sounds words and sentences for Phase 2 and 3

Year 1 Phonics Parent Workshop

Here are the slides for the Year 1 Phonics Parent Workshop. 

Any questions, please come and ask Mr Bhatti or Miss Fenton.


In English, as part of our 'What is a Hero?' topic we learnt about the brave animal heroes that helped during WW1, like Flo. 'Flo of the Somme' pays tribute to the remarkable bravery of the animals who risked their lives during World War.

Children learnt to appreciate the rhymes in the book and were able to recite the story by heart. This helped their writing and retelling of the story in English.