Year 3 Puppet Show

On Friday 5th April, Year 3 performed their very own Puppet Show! The learning journey all began after reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ in English. The book is about a box of crayons who are fed up of their owner, Duncan!

In English, we unpicked the book, finding the nouns and adjectives. We wrote dialogues for the crayons using inverted commas and we also wrote some fantastic descriptions of the colours without saying what they were! 

We even wrote our own letters to Duncan, just like the crayons in the story!

Parents were invited to watch the Puppet Show! Year 3 put lots of expression into their performance and then everyone had ice-cream and enjoyed the show! We all had a lot of fun and Year 3 should be very proud!

What a great afternoon!

We created still images for our characters - this meant experimenting with lots of facial expressions for the crayons!

Mrs Art Brown came into our classroom and we practised lots of facial expressions for our puppets! Then we had to design and make our crayon puppets. This included drawing around a template, gluing and sewing.