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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

This class is taught by Miss Palmer and supported by Miss Ellis. 

 Useful Information


Year 3 will have their PE lessons on Tuesdays and Fridays, with a Maths on the Move session on Mondays. 

Your child should attend school wearing their PE kit on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  This is to ensure the PE clothes can be washed on a regular basis at home and to avoid any accidental swapping of clothes between children.



Year 3 will receive their homework on a Friday, to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday. Homework will be linked to learning in class.  


Spellings are given out on Fridays and will be tested on the following Friday.


Home Reading

Your child will have the opportunity to pick a book from the Class Bookshelf to take home. All children have free choice in picking their 'reading for pleasure' text. The library book should be returned to school only when your child is ready to change it. All children will have an opportunity to pick a new book from the class room on a daily basis. 

The school library is open daily, offering children the opportunity to change their library books regularly.



Year 3 explored the natural sounds of the Rainforest in their first creative experience with Ta-Da! Each child created a different sound with either their voice or body that they thought would be made in a Rainforest. Children layered their sounds together to create beautiful soundscapes that they believe represented the natural sounds of the Rainforest. The First focused on animal noises and the second on weather sounds. 
We also developed cooperative and observational skills in a paired 'mirror' exercise, in which children challenged each other to represent and copy shapes, sounds, animals, movements and objects of the Rainforest. Each member of the class stepped out of their comfort zone and allowed their creativity to flourish! 
'I remember we made nature noises from the Rainforest. I used my voice, hands and feet. I was making the noises for a bird and a crocodile. I want to give it 20 stars!' - Jason 
'When I closed my eyes and everybody was making sounds I felt really calm because I could imagine I was really in a Rainforest' - Rodaidh 

Click below to listen to our Rainforest animal soundscape. 

Ancient Greek Pinch Pots

Year 3 have been studying the Ancient Greek period in our history lessons. We have learnt a lot from primary sources during this time with pottery being one of the most valuable surviving artifacts from the time. We used our knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Greek civilisation to create our own pinch pots with traditional patterns in traditional colours and symbols of our favourite Ancient Greek Gods or Goddesses. 

Anti-bullying Assembly 

Year 3 shared the very important message of anti-bullying this year during our Anti-bullying assembly. We focused on the theme of 'One Kind Word' which links beautifully with our school wide theme of 'Kindness Costs Nothing'. 

All children in the class showed courage and kindness when sharing this message through drama, poetry and song. 

The feedback we have received from children and staff has been overwhelming and Year 3 are grateful for the opportunity to share this key message with the St George's community. 


'The whole class were loud and clear!' - Mr Hill

'It bought back lovely memories' - Mame Bousso, Year 6 


Botanical Gardens Trip 

Year 3 took a trip the Botanical Gardens to support their learning of rainforests. Children were immersed in the humid environment of the tropical glasshouse, surrounded by hundreds of real rainforest plants! In the glasshouse children worked in groups to hunt for specific plants based on hints and clues, learning a wide range of rainforest trivia. Year 3 showed incredible maturity in working cooperatively, listening to each other's ideas and sharing their own. In this glasshouse, open to the public, Year 3 represented St George's Hi 5 values brilliantly. 
We also took a visit to the Botanical Garden's aviaries. Here, we saw a range of birds from around the world. We even got to chat with some Macaws from South America! These weren't the only animals we met during the trip however- we got to stroke, and some of us handled, a hissing cockroach, a bearded dragon and a corn snake if we wanted to. Year 3 were incredible engaged in all the activities throughout the day sharing their own knowledge and absorbing the information shared- doing us all proud. It's safe to say we have come away from this trip with a keen interest in Tropical Rainforests! 

The Hodgeheg 

We explored the classic tale of the Hodgeheg by D. King-Smith in our Reading lessons. After becoming increasingly familiar with the book over a few weeks, we had the opportunity to retell the story and formulate our own predictions, based on what we had read so far. Once we had completed our retelling, we were lucky enough to share these with Year 2 once the author's ending had been revealed to us!

Computing - Presenting Information

In computing we have been learning new skills to use when presenting information. We have been practising skills on J2e5 such as adding text and editing colour, font, size and borders. We have also tried adding images and changing the format of these in many ways. Below you will see examples of work we have created including some GIFs, showcasing our image manipulation skills!