Our aims in History are for pupils:


To develop a positive attitude towards learning History by promoting the enjoyment of enquiry led learning and to develop a curiosity about the past, as well as critical thinking.

 To gain historical subject knowledge about people from diverse ethnicities, places and events from the past in both Great Britain’s history and from the ancient civilisations, empires and societies of the wider world.

 To understand historical concepts such as, chronology, cause and consequence, continuity and change over time, significance and similarity and difference. 

 To experience a wide range of primary sources, including hands-on experience through educational visits and workshops, that develop their understanding of the use, reliability and interpretation of primary sources.  

 To develop skills to organise and communicate effectively their ideas and understanding in ways appropriate to their level of ability.

 To develop a sense of national and global citizenship, and social and moral values that align with our school’s Christian ethos and the British Values by understanding the achievements and follies of mankind.

 To develop the use of historical vocabulary appropriate to their level of ability and ensure they understand the terms being used.

History Curriculum Overview 2021-22