Year 3

World War 1 Topic

For the first half term, Year 3 have been learning about World War One. This year is the 100th anniversary of the war ending.

Year 3 have learnt a lot about World War One. We made poppy timelines, looking at all of the important dates. We learnt about life for the soldiers in the trenches, and also about life for the women and children in Britain.

We read ‘Peace Lily’ and Year 3 wrote letters from the character Ben, a soldier in the First World War. We also wrote war poems about soldiers in the war.

On Monday 15th October, we looked at soldiers’ medals and badges from World War One. Year 3 had a go at designing their own war medals and we made these into badges!

Red, White & Blue Day

On Friday 5th October, parents were invited into the classroom to join their children for activities for Red, White and Blue Day, to mark 100 years of the war ending. We decorated bunting and flags, built paper tanks and made bully beef sandwiches using rations!

World War One Workshop

On Thursday 18th October, a World War One soldier visited Year 3! We impressed him with our knowledge of the First World War and he told us about life as a soldier. It gave us an insight into the life of a soldier and Year 3 had the chance to ask lots of questions. They also got the chance to be involved in various drills in the playground.