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Remote Learning 2021

Please explore our weekly galleries on remote learning.

Our children here at St Georges have been focused and have adjusted incredibly well to their online learning journeys. It proves just how resilient and determined they all are to continue learning despite the current challenges we face.

The  engagement and dedication of both children, and parents, has been phenomenal- we are so proud and hope to keep you updated with their achievements regularly here.

Please also find below our Remote Learning Policy for your reading:

Remote Learning Policy

Week 1-

Some fantastic work to showcase this week:

Week 2- 

Well done to all our children for all their hard work and effort this week! We are very proud!

Week 3- 

Year 1- Year 1 have had another brilliant and focused week of online learning via the Seesaw App. Miss Williams has been impressed with some of the writing she has received. A special mention this week to Sophie for this fantastic piece of writing on the Beegu story. Well Done!


Year 3 have been busy this week creating their own rainforest environments! I think you will agree they look absolutely fantastic!!

 Year 4 have started "exploring" the UK. So far, they have recapped on previous learning, learnt what a county is and made fact files about our county the "West Midlands". This week we have been learning about the differences between towns and cities and had a go at using our ICT skills to label cities in the UK. 

Year 5's Big Question for Explore is 'Do we always appreciate what we have?' with a focus on Water. We have been identifying different sources of water, looking at why rivers are important and have begun to look at 'The Water Cycle'. Over the next few weeks, we will be creating our own water cycle within a see-through bag, looking at reservoirs and canals in our local area and collecting rainfall. 


Mr. Eaton posted a fantastic PE session for our children to undertake in the snow- if they dared too face the cold! Here at school, Mrs.Atkar and Diane took our KS2 children into the playground to put his lesson into practice! If you didn't see his lesson- you can watch it here

PE in the snow- Throwing

PE in the snow- Catching

Week 4-


To help children understand about weighing, Reception class were shown how to make their own homemade balance scales! Children experimented with different objects to see which is heavier and which is lighter. Here are some pictures to show how some of them got on!

Year 1-

'I have been so impressed by the perseverance and resilience of Year 1 in continuously improving their learning through self assessment. I have particularly enjoyed seeing them take part in practical maths and reading their own unique stories of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea.’ -Miss. Wiliiams

Year 2-

Miss Drayton has been very impressed with the children and families who took on the challenge of doing some practical measuring mass and capacity at home! She was also very please with the children who did this at school with Jean too.  It was also lovely for her to see all the pictures drawn in PSHE Jigsaw about the children's own personal dreams!

See if you can spot the picture of Zayna- this weeks Star of the Week, acting out the physical features of the Arctic!

Year 3-

Miss Palmer has been impressed with Year 3's efforts towards their Jigsaw work this week. A special mention for Roman who drew this for his Jigsaw work about people who have overcome challenges to achieve their dreams and goals. Well done!

Year 4- 

As part of Year 4's Jigsaw lessons they have been learning about hopes and dreams, as well as overcoming disappointment.

Mrs. Doyle challenged the children to sing a song about it! Amelia really wowed the class with her song- showing such creativity and confidence! Well done Amelia!

In Maths Year 4 have been finding equivalent fractions and made fraction walls to help them.

They have been re-telling the story of Abraham and Isaac in RE this week Some children chose to re-tell it as a comic strip whilst others decided to do an extended piece of writing .

In Geography they have been beginning to learn about 4 figure grid references and have been making their own maps to help with this

Take a look at some of their fantastic work:


Week 5-


In Reception this week the children have been using Talk for Writing with the book 'Whatever Next'. Children enjoyed retelling the story using actions and have produced some lovely pieces of writing.

Year 2-

"I have been very impressed with the changes the children made to the text we have been looking at in English to write their own versions of the story.  There has also been some brilliant creativity and drawing this week from the children to share their learning that has included some completed 'Arctic Scenes', drawings in the style of Kenojuak Ashevak, pictures of the 12 disciples from our RE work and some fantastic posters on the theme of global warming and saving the Arctic." -Miss Drayton

Year 3- 

 The children in Year 3 have been busy reading and writing book reviews for Mr Davis this week! 

Year 4-

Year 4 have been learning about the Shabbat in RE. Zakk really impressed Mrs Doyle with his explanation of what the Sabbat is and means. Well Done Zakk!

Zakk: What is the Sabbat?

As part of Internet Safety Day the children took part in a live lesson with BBC Teach and afterwards shared thoughts with Mrs Doyle:

" I enjoyed the internet safety lesson and I learnt that not all things online you can trust and if you receive message that says can we meet up tell an adult."

"The live BBC lesson was interesting. I enjoyed the game Accept, Check and Reject."

"I really liked the Internet Safety video and I've learnt that you can't trust everything you see on the internet and to not put your personal information in any type of pop up advert or a website you do not trust."

Year 5-

Year 5 have been researching and writing a report all about Plastic Pollution this week with a link to their Big Question 'Do we always appreciate what we have?' They have gathered relevant facts from websites, posters and articles to include in their writing. Their passion for this topic has shone through in their sentences and they have talked about the problem, the harm it's causing for sea animals as well as given tips on how people can help. 

Mr Hill was impressed by this piece of writing from Freddie
Mr Hill was impressed by this piece of writing from Freddie

Year 6-

Year 6 have really enjoyed using tatepaint (a game from to create their artwork this week - they created some amazing replicas of artist Frank Webb’s work.

Week 7-


"This week Reception have continued exploring the text 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.

They began by reading the story and creating a story map. They then extended this by using Talk for Writing, acting out each part of the story. Finally, the children innovated the story map to change it, and then creating and writing their own stories".- Mr. Bhatti

Year 2-

"I have been very impressed with the owl artwork the children in Y2 have done in the style of the Inuit artist we have been studying- Kenojuak Ashevak. 

Mrs. Ward- Evans was also especially pleased some of the Science work the children did this week".- Miss Drayton

Year 3- 

"This week in Math's Year 3 have been learning to solve large multiplications using the short multiplication method. Children have been really resourceful in putting together all the skills we have been practicing over the last few weeks to have a really good go at this! (I have attached some pics).

In English we are working towards writing our own Haikus about the rainforest. We are well on our way to producing these so keep your eyes peeled for the published pieces. Children have shown lots of imagination and creativity in this so I think you're in for a treat! 

Our Jigsaw lessons have been centred around Dreams and Goals. This week we were inspired by the story of Dr. Jane Goodall and how she went from being a child interested in animals to becoming and doctor who spent 60 years studying chimpanzees in the wild! Children have been exploring their own dreams and goals and how they might achieve these."- Miss Palmer

Year 4-

"In Maths we have been looking at length at converting units of measurement. In English we have looked at poems with a particular focus on rhyme and rhyming couplets. We are going to continue with this next week so look out for our poems.

In RE we are looking at celebrations and have started this unit of work off by identifying celebrations that are religious and non-religious and the similarities and differences.  Some children have also been putting their IT skills to use and producing some super art work".

- Mrs. Doyle

Year 5-

"This week, Year 5 have been explored free verse poems in our English lessons and written their own based on what they miss about St Georges. It has been heart-warming to read about the feelings, sounds and adjectives they associate with school.

We have also been getting creative with our Art packs, making the water cycle in a bag as well as painting a sea landscape using water colour paint to create either a bright, peaceful mood or a dark, gloomy sea storm".  - Mr. Hill

Week 8-

Year 2-  "This week in Year 2 we have been thinking about forgiveness and what it looks and sounds like- the children created some great pictures and posters in response. 

In our Geography lesson this week, the children were tasked with using Google Earth to compare the human and physical features of Birmingham and some different towns and cities in the Arctic Circle".  -Miss Drayton 

Year 3- 

This week the children in Year 3 have been applying their multiplication methods to real life scenarios and helping Diane with some very complex work in the office! 

On Thursday and Friday we travelled back in time to explore the Maya civilisation and producing some fact files about this. 

Here are some of the final Haiku's Year 3 published at the end of last week.

Year 5-

"This week, Year 5 have been researching WaterAid and what they do in many areas of the world to ensure people can assess useable water.

In Maths, we have been looking at units of measure and how we can measure items in our homes accurately - converting m, cm and mm. I have also been truly impressed with the effort put into the poetry that Year 5 submitted last Friday - I was blown away reading and listening to their own free verse poems over the weekend and I hope to see these performed in person once we are back at school!" - Mr Hill

Please watch Beth and Jess from Year 5 recite their poems below. Mr Hill was seriously impressed. Well done!

'Not the Same' By Jess

'I Miss You St Georges!' By Beth
Another fantastic poem by Freddie
Another fantastic poem by Freddie

Year 6-

In preparation for World Book Day, Year 6 have been studying a book called 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies in English this week.

The children have written a letter from one character to another explaining how their life changed due to the two characters' encounter.