Reading for pleasure

At St George’s we want all children to gain a love of reading, be fluent and competent and to have read widely so that they have a growing understanding of the world.  The overarching aim of the National Curriculum is to support children in developing a love of reading and we believe that as adults we must read children’s literature so we can become the experts who will open every child’s door to being a reader. In order to guide children on their reading journey, we have reading incentives in place. Read to Succeed (KS1) and Reading Karate (KS2) – the aim of which is to encourage daily reading and increase their reading miles.  It is the expectation that parents or older siblings read with their children and talk about the books they are reading and sign their Read to Succeed or Reading Karate daily.  Successes are celebrated weekly in Collective Worship.



We use a range of phonetically decodable texts to support the early stages of reading, which are matched closely to the Letters and Sounds children know.  Once pupils are confident, we encourage teachers to use a wider variety of quality texts to support the teaching of reading skills.

Children are taught reading skills in both whole class and small groups, they are introduced to a wide range of texts covering a variety of different genres to engage and enhance reading skills.  Children are formally assessed 3 times a year and regular meetings are held to monitor children’s attainment and progress. Any children falling behind are targeted with appropriate interventions and monitored accordingly.  For our higher ability children we use 'Just Imagine’s Reading Gladiators'™ - a book club designed to challenge and motivate readers who are reading, or have the potential to read, at greater depth in the year 2, year 4 and year 6.  We also use Accelerated Reader in KS2 to further support our reading skills, children complete a star reader test every half term to receive a book level that is appropriate to their level of understanding.  Children are then encouraged to be regular users of our school library, we are very fortunate to have our own librarian who is continually developing our wide selection of texts. Children in KS2 are encouraged to use the Junior Librarian Reading Cloud to review and recommend books to each other.

Reading is encouraged across the curriculum and children are able to research knowledge through books and online.