We take pride in our writing at St George's.  Children have the opportunity to produce extended pieces of writing in their English lessons and in other subjects across the curriculum - always with the same high expectations.  Click on a piece of writing to take a closer look!


In Reception, children have been busy learning how to form their letters correctly.  They write for a variety of purposes and are learning to use their letter sounds in their writing.  Have a look at some of the brilliant writing they have completed this year.

Year 1

The children in year 1 have been working hard composing sentences that have capital letters, fullstops and some exclamation marks and question marks.  They are trying to form their letters correctly and are beginning to write short narratives.  Their highlights this year have been - re-writing traditional tales, writing related to the story Dogger by Shirley Hughes and a recount of their visit to the Back to Back Houses.

Year 2

Year 2 have produced some fantastic pieces of cross curricular writing, making sure they are using all the skills they have learnt in their English lessons.  They are starting to join their handwriting and are developing their writing stamina.  The children in Y2 are learning to use different sentence types, sub-ordination and apostrophes and comma's in a list.  Their highlights include - a recount of a visit to Warwick Castle, a fact file about Ecuador, stories about Guru Nanak and short story writing. Click on a piece of writing to take a closer look.

Year 3

The children in year 3 have produced writing for a variety of purposes including narratives, letters, reports and instructions.  They have produced pieces of writing in science and RE as well as in English lessons.  They have worked hard trying to use conjunctions, preposition and adverbials and are practicing how to punctuate direct speech.  Take a look at their highlights of this year.  The Day the Crayons Quit was a favourite!

Year 4

Take a look at year 4's writing from this year.  They have been working hard on using and applying the skills they have learnt KS1 and year 3.  In particular, the children in year 4 are becoming skilled editors and improvers and far more reflective about their work.  Their best bits include a recount from their visit to Umberslade Adventure Park, a science investigation and a short narrative based upon an image.

Year 5

In year 5 the children have had the opportunity to write for a variety of purposes within a range of topics.  They have been learning about varying their sentence structure for effect, choosing vocabulary carefully and increasing their range of punctuation.  The children are becoming skilled drafters, editors and improvers and have learnt to think critically about their own work and their peers.  Some of their best bits include writing generated from their topic on water, narratives based on the story Fox and pieces linked to WW1.

Year 6

Year 6 have worked hard during the year applying all the skills they have learnt throughout their time at St George's.  The children have learnt how to use higher level punctuation and choosing sentence structures and vocabulary carefully.  They have produced writing for a variety of purposes across the curriculum.  Highlights include recounts of visits, narratives using different styles, biographies and many more.  The children have become far more independent in their writing choices and have worked hard to develope their writing stamina.  Click on a piece of writing to read more!