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News and Events 

Year 3 Trip to Botanical Gardens

On Friday 21st January, Year 3 took a trip the Botanical Gardens to support their learning of the Rainforests. Children were immersed in the humid environment of the tropical glasshouse, surrounded by hundreds of real rainforests plants! In the glasshouse children worked in groups to hunt for specific plants based on hints and clues, learning a wide range of rainforest trivia. Year 3 showed incredible maturity in working cooperatively, listening to each other's ideas and sharing their own. In this glasshouse, open to the public, Year 3 represented St George's Hi 5 values brilliantly.

We also took a visit to the Botanical Garden's aviaries. Here, we saw a range of birds from around the
world. We even got to chat with some Macaws from South America! These weren't the only animals
we met during the trip however- we got to stroke, and some of us handled, a hissing cockroach, a
bearded dragon and a corn snake if we wanted to. Year 3 were incredible engaged in all the activities
throughout the day sharing their own knowledge and absorbing the information shared- doing us all
proud. It's safe to say we have come away from this trip with a keen interest in Tropical Rainforests!

Artis Creativity: Years 3 and 5

Year 3 explored the natural sounds of the Rainforest in their first creative experience with Ta-Da! Each child created a different sound with either their voice or body that they thought would be made in a Rainforest. Children layered their sounds together to create beautiful soundscapes that they believe represented the natural sounds of the Rainforest. The First focused on animal noises and the second on weather sounds.
They also developed co-operative and observational skills in a paired 'mirror' exercise, in which children challenged each other to represent and copy shapes, sounds, animals, movements and objects of the Rainforest.
Each member of the class stepped out of their comfort zone and allowed their creativity to flourish!

Year 5 were also based in the school hall where their creative
experience was focused on ‘The Water Cycle’.

The children loved this new experience. Here is what the children had to say:

'I remember we made nature noises from the Rainforest. I used my voice, hands and feet.
I was making the noises for a bird and a crocodile. I want to give it 20 stars!'- Jason

'When I closed my eyes and everybody was making sounds I felt really calm because I
could imagine I was really in a Rainforest' -Rodaidh

‘It was different from sitting at my desk writing but I found doing sound scapes and learning through noises
exciting.’ - Fuad

‘I found it fun and enjoy learning in that way. I loved making different water sounds and I can't wait to do it
again!’- Amelia-Rose

 Year 6 Visit National Justice Museum

Year 6 had a great day at the National Justice Museum on Wednesday 15th December. In the morning, we got to learn about Georgian and Victorian punishments - we even got to try some of them! In the afternoon, Year 6 took part in a  Victorian court case... the poor defendant was found guilty!

Year 4 Visit Tamworth Castle

On Wednesday 15th December 2021, Year 4 travelled to the Tamworth Castle where they learnt about Saxon soldier's weaponry and dug for Saxon treasure as archaeologists. Finally, the children got the opportunity to explore the castle and view the Staffordshire Hoard. The children represented St George's beautifully.

Books for Advent!

The children were super surprised and excited to learn that an Elf had been to school to start delivering some special Advent gifts!

This year, to mark Advent, each class will receive a new non-fiction book each day to add to their class libraries. The wrapped books will be delivered daily (once we have received them from the elves). The teacher will then choose one child each day from their class to open the gift. This could be someone who loves reading, someone who has worked really hard to improve their reading or even someone who doesn't like reading all that much! The child chosen will then have the honour of the first read. They will then be asked to review it with their friends, before returning it to their class libraries for the others to enjoy too!

 Year 6 Trip to Blists Hill Victorian Village

On Friday 19th November, Year 5 went back in time on their trip to Blists Hills Victorian Village. The children and staff fully embraced the experience and enjoyed learning about school life for the Victorian children (We think they are relieved they now go to school in 2021!) The children also enjoyed exploring the various Victorian shops including an old fashioned sweet shop, a shoemakers, a post office and pharmacy. A great day was had by all!

Year 6’s Adventure to Blackwell Court

It was an emotional, but exciting, start to the week as parents waved off their children for a 2 night residential trip to Blackwell Court on Monday 18th October 2021.

The children were full of excitement and anticipation. We are pleased to report a the team building trip was a huge success. Guli told us that she ‘learnt lots of new things’ and all the children got to enjoy a tree trek, orienteering in the dark, a zip wire and a huge 3G swing! They also enjoyed the delights of a night time campfire!

Amaru summed up the trip so well for us: ‘Blackwell was fun and we got to understand that everyone is human and has similar emotions and feelings to us’.

Friday 8th October- 'Tea From Around The World Coffee Morning'

Thank you to all those who joined us this morning to try some tea from around the world at our coffee morning! Parents were kind enough to not only share their traditional teas, but also some traditional goodies eaten at home with their tea!

Year 2 Visit Warwick Castle

On Tuesday 5th October 2021, Year 2 visited the historic landmark Warwick Castle.  The children were able to explore the Horrible      Histories maze, climb up the original motte (hill), watch the magnificent birds of prey show and look around the beautiful rooms inside the castle.  The weather was kind to us, and a great day was had by all.  Thank you to all the staff who came along to support Year 2 on this trip.  

Macmillan Coffee Morning: 24th September 2021

We certainly had a fantastic turn out at this mornings Macmillan coffee morning. It was fantastic to see so many parents, carers, children and many other members of our school community together once again. The atmosphere was most certainly
lively, and we are sure you all enjoyed catching up and taking part

fully in school life once again!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who donated cakes and more this morning– each class have had at least one piece of cake thanks to your kindness. With this tremendous support we managed to raise an amazing £280 towards this truly worthy cause. Thank you also to so many helping hands that ensured the morning ran smoothly. Your support, as ever, was incredible!

We would also like to thank all those who entered this years cake competition. With so many delicious and high-standard entries, the judges had a
tough time deliberating

who would be crowned our winner this year. A huge well done to Mrs. Johnson, this years winner, for her phenomenal Harry Potter themed cake!

Well Done!

Year 3: Trip to Bodenham Arboretum- Monday 13th September 

Year 3 had a brilliant time exploring 'the extreme wilderness' on Monday at Bodenham Arboretum. The children toasted bread over a campfire, made mud pies in the mud kitchen, conquered their fears on the rope swing, safely set their own fires and worked beautifully in teams building dens. There was so much to see and do at the forest school and this class embraced all the opportunities there for them!

We visited the working farm where we were lucky enough to spot chicks, donkeys, pigs and, to the children's absolute glee, many, many sheep!

We took a wander along the Giant's Trial and helped him collect his missing giant items which included his giant watch, his giant pencil crayons and his giant toothbrush!

The weather was warm, and the children behaved beautifully, making for an excellent trip!

Bourneville Book Fest

On Friday 6th September Years 1 & 2 were fortunate enough to be invited to the Bourneville Book fest. The children enjoyed meeting Chloe Inkpen, the illustrator of lots of children's books. She shared with the children how she draws some of her characters and all the children got to meet

Kipper the Dog him- self! They even got to celebrate his birthday by making a cake for him! A huge thank you to the FSA for funding this amazing opportunity!