Welcome to Year 6


Mrs Fessey

Mrs Fessey is very excited to welcome Year 6. We have a very important year ahead: not only are we getting ready for secondary school but we are also the oldest children in the school! This means we have lots of responsibilities, including Play Leaders and being part of the Student Leadership Team. 

Children will also sit their SATs tests in Year 6, which take place in May. We have lots of hard work to do throughout the year to make sure we can do as well as we can. We will work with the children to improve their skills in SPaG, Reading and Maths, as well as Writing. We also have some very exciting topics too!

We have a fabulous opportunity to go on a residential trip this year and Year 6 will get to perform their end of year production. We have a very bust but exciting year ahead!


Year 6 will be going swimming on Mondays, where they will either learn to swim over greater distances, between 10 and 20 metres with confidence in shallow water/ They will begin to use basic swimming techniques and will explore and use basic breathing patterns.

Children should bring a swimming costume (one-piece, no bikinis) or swimming shorts/trunks (should be above the knee); a towel; a hairbrush; bathing caps (all children with long hair must have their hair tied back); jewellery (including earrings) must be removed.

Reading Books

Year 6 will have the opportunity every Monday to change their library books. Before changing their book, they will need to take a quiz on their book. They should be reading every day and documenting what they have read in their reading record, which is checked every morning.

Reading every day not only supports the children with their reading skills, but it also unlocks a whole world of adventures, vocabulary and knowledge.


Children should bring a water bottle to school every day. Only water should be put in this.

Children should bring in a school bag every day to keep their water bottle, reading book and reading record in, as well as any letters that are given out.

Year 6 children who independently travel to and from school are allowed to bring their phone into school.  They have to be handed in to the teacher and kept in a safe place until the end of the day.  They are not allowed to use their phones on the school site, including the playground.


Year 6 will be expected to practise their times tables on TTRockstars weekly. Their progress will be monitored.

Spellings will also be handed out on a Friday ready to be tested on the following Friday.  Children will learn a spelling rule in their weekly spelling lessons and their weekly spellings will include this rule.

Children will also be expected to complete their Reading Record daily. This will be checked every morning.


Thoughout the year, children will develop their reading skills by reading, analysing and discussing a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Each week we will begin our learning by focussing on vocabulary and looking at the meaning of words in context and why writers choose certain words.

We will focus on retrieval and inference skills, where children take apart a text and look at it closely.

At the end of the week, children will either use their prediction skills or summarising skills.


Year 6's spelling test will take place every Friday. Children will get new spellings each week; these will be based on spelling rules that we have learnt as part of our weekly spelling lesson.


Children will on their arithmetic skills in Maths as well as their problem solving and reasoning skills. It is essential that pupils become fluent with their times tables- TTRockstars will support this also.

Children will be encouraged to think deeply in Maths and become confident with number. Throughout the year, children will be presented with questions that challenge them and enable them to manipulate numbers.