Attendance & Punctuality

Our target for this academic year is an overall percentage of 97%. A huge congratulations to Year 2 whose current attendance is 97.2%!




Last year our overall attendance figure was 95.9%. Attendance over the past 3 years has improved greatly and we thank you for your continued support in helping us achieve this.


If pupils of St George’s are to get the greatest benefit from their education, it is very important that they have good attendance. As pupils grow and prepare for their next stages of education and employment, they need to see good attendance as an important quality.

As a parent it is your legal duty to ensure that your child attends school everyday and that if your child is absent from school, due to illness, that you contact the school office on the first day of absence.

Apart from illness, only exceptional circumstances can be authorised and this does not include holidays during term time.

We hope that you will work with us in trying to achieve our target of 97% and once again, thank you to all of you who ensure that your child attends school as much as possible.


Attendance for Autumn Term 2017 were as followed:

Reception: 95.3%

Year 1: 95.2%

Year 2: 98.1%

Year 3: 96%

Year 4: 97.3%

Year 5: 96%

Year 6: 96.4%

Overall: 96.3%


The start of the school day is 8.55am but doors open at 8.45am. Children will be marked late if they are not in school by 9.00am. The start of the school day is very important in ensuring that they get off to the right start. We monitor children who are regularly late and will speak to parents directly, however if it continues a referral to the Spotlight will be made.

School finishes at 3.15pm and we expect all children to be collected at 3.15pm.

I am sure that you appreciate all members of staff have planning, marking and preparation to complete after school and therefore this time is very important and essential in ensuring that your child receives well planned and resourced lessons.

Lates for Autumn Term 2017 were as followed:

Reception: 75

Year 1: 61

Year 2: 25 (No late after registration!)

Year 3: 132

Year 4: 135

Year 5: 136

Year 6: 29 (Only 2 late after registration!)