Public Consultation on Admission Arrangements for 2022-23

 In accordance with the School Admissions Code 2014, St George’s Church of England Primary School is carrying out a public consultation in respect of its proposed Admissions arrangements for the academic year 2022-23.  The proposed Policy and associated Supplementary Information Form (SIF) are available to view here below or paper copies can be made available if you contact the school office.   

Please note that we are proposing no major changes to our Admissions Arrangements at this time except to add a required number and frequency of church attendances for applications under Priorities 3 and 5 of our oversubscription criteria (see highlighted clauses) and consequent amendments to our School Information Form (SIF).

Comments are welcome on any aspect of our admission arrangements, and can be sent via email to Mrs Shirley Atkar at or directly to the school in a sealed envelope marked ‘Consultation on Admission Arrangements’, for the attention of Mrs Shirley Atkar.

 This consultation process will commence on Monday, 30th November 2020 and conclude on Friday, 15thJanuary 2021.  Once the consultation has closed, comments and feedback will be considered by the Governors.

If you would like to apply for a place at St George's C E Primary School, and your child is in year 1-6, please do this through the School Office. They will give you a form to fill out and return for your child to be put on the Waiting List.


 Anyone wishing to apply for Reception can do so through Birmingham City Council using the website here


Please do not just apply through a single school as places are very limited and you may be disappointed. Please ensure you apply through our school if you have a faith claim.


The Governors, with the L.A.'s approval, have agreed on 30 as the maximum number of children to be admitted.  The criteria for admission to be:-


  1. Looked after children. 
  2. Children with a sibling (as defined by Birmingham Local Authority) currently in school at the time of starting. 
  3. Children who live within the area represented by the Ecclesiastical parish of St. George (map available from school secretary if required), plus Ladywood Road (both sides), Reservoir Road, Mostyn Road, Daisy Road, Leslie Road, Sefton Road, Eldon Road, Carlyle Road, Stirling Road, Meyrick Walk and all of Kenilworth Court and whose families worship at a Christian Church*
  4. Other children in the said area in order of proximity** of their homes to school.
  5. Other children outside the said area who worship at a Christian Church and do not have a more local Church of England School.
  6. Other children outside the said area in order of proximity** of their homes to school.

 *Attendance at Church will be evidenced by a letter from the Minister.

**Proximity is measured according to Birmingham Local Authority’s definition.




The length of time a child's name has been on the waiting list does not affect the child's chance of getting a place.


A decision to admit a child to school will be based on the parents/legal guardian's permanent address and Governors reserve the right to ask for documentary evidence of this (e.g. Electricity Bill)


In the case of children already in another school and whose parents/guardians wish for a place at St. George's, when vacancies occur the attached admission policy will be strictly applied.


Parents are respectfully reminded that when they put their child's name on St. George's waiting list, if no vacancy has occurred by the end of the current academic year, the child's name is automatically removed and parents must re-apply if they still wish their child to be considered for a place.



Parents and Carers are most welcome to arrange a visit and tour of our school.




Whilst we would be delighted to accept all applicants for a place at St George’s CE Primary School, regrettably we can only take 30 pupils in each class.  In order to ensure fairness to all we set a table of criteria, broken down into several categories which are clearly shown in the admission’s policy.  Every year classes are over-subscribed, which requires us to carefully place the applicants into their correct category. 


If your child doesn't get a place at St George's, then you are entitled to a full appeal. However, we do rigorously follow our Admissions Criteria and we will therefore defend any appeal that is instigated.  If you still wish to appeal, please email as the school office will not always be open due to the Covid 19 circumstances.  The Admissions Manager will then send you an appeals form that must be completed and returned before the 17th May 2021 so that they can be lodge with the the Independent Admission Appeal Panel by Monday 19th July 2021. Once we have your appeals form and an appeal with be arranged with a Diocese appeals panel to hear your appeal.  The onus is upon you to prove to the panel that we did not follow our published criteria for the admission of your child.

 Appeals Form

Dates: January 2021

Review: September 2021