Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is driven by our school vision and values, enabling children to flourish so they understand their place in God’s creation. The words of Jesus (John 10:10) act as a guide for our Christian school vision, where we aim for all at St. George’s to flourish together and enjoy life to the full.


‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’.


Through our Christian faith, our children will flourish through experiencing a knowledge-rich curriculum which is both broad and balanced and fosters a love of learning, enabling all children to be ready for the next stage in their education. 

We believe children are a gift from God and we support children to understand who they are called to be and release the gifts they have to offer. Our curriculum aims to allow children life in its fullness by developing as people. It enables children to live well in contemporary society, make good choices, live out their values, and grow in understanding.  


‘Character produces hope’ (Romans 5:4)


St George’s Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed for our children: we serve the needs of our community, Ladywood and North Edgbaston. The curriculum is ambitious and we want our pupils to imagine what is possible for them to achieve and to develop confidence to fulfil their hopes and aspirations. Our ambition is to give the children the purpose and desire to create change in our local communities and the wider world beyond.

We have developed disciplinary knowledge (what it means to be a geographer) and substantive knowledge (what we want children to retain) in different curriculum areas, supported by our strong teaching pedagogy. Our expectations are high and we are explicit about the content of the curriculum which enables all children to meet new and engaging concepts across a range of subjects in a sequential way; learning is layered reiteratively so that prior learning is built upon.


‘The Lord is a God of justice’ (Isaiah 30:18)