Our aims in Science are for pupils:

 To develop positive attitudes towards learning in Science by promoting the enjoyment of investigating, experimenting and thinking scientifically, and to develop a sense of interest and curiosity in the children about the fascinating world we live in.

 To gain scientific knowledge and understanding about the world around them helping them to make informed decisions in everyday life.

 To experience a wide range of appropriate resources, in each topic, making activities as ‘hands on’ as possible.

  To become effective team members who have positive attitudes and skills in co-operation, communication, respect for others and their ideas, open mindedness, for example.

 To encourage the use of scientific vocabulary appropriate to the children’s level of ability (and topic) and ensure they understand the terms being used.

 To understand the importance of the ‘Experimental Process’ and how this enables humans to progress in our understanding of the world.

  To develop scientific skills such as discussing ideas, observing and describing phenomena, hypothesising, classifying, planning, investigating, problem solving, making predictions, measuring, recording findings, drawing conclusions, reflecting and evaluating and most importantly relating observations to real life.


Science Overview

Science Week

Please see below to view 2021's Science Week presentation.

Please see below to view 2020's Science Week presentation.