At St. George’s we develop children’s character and Christian spirit through the ‘St. George’s way’.

In order to do this, we define the behaviours and habits that we expect pupils to live out. We want to support our pupils to grow into adults who are polite, respectful, grateful and who put others before themselves – this is how they can show respect, empathy, forgiveness, honesty, justice and kindness beyond their St. George’s years.

We believe that as pupils practise these behaviours, over time they become habits that positively shape how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them.

School Rules

At St. George's, we have three simple rules to ensure our school is happy, safe and ready to learn. 


These are known as The St. George's Way. 


School Values

All at St. George’s have decided upon our ‘High Five’ values that underpin our school ethos and distinctiveness as a Church of England School serving a multi-faith and diverse community.


Jesus’ teaching of respect for God, each other and ourselves, is a core value at St George’s that it has a place on the palm of the High Five hand and the other ‘High Five’ values contribute towards demonstrating respect, a love of god, each other and ourselves. They are placed on each finger.


School Houses

Our house system promotoes team spirit and encourages children to aim high and take pride in achieving house points. 


The houses have been selected by the children of St. George's. 

Learning Behaviours

We have agreed on a set of learning behaviours, which will help all to learn well.



LEAF is well established at St. George's to enable all children to move around school safely. 


'A' Choice

Fundamental to teaching children how to resolve conflict is the 'A' choice. This stands for telling an adult. To ensure our pupils are safe, when issues do arise, and an adult is needed, we teach our pupils to always make the 'A' choice.